Ovarian cancer is not the silent killer it was once thought to be. Studies have shown that there are symptoms that appear in the early stages of the disease. Recognition of these symptoms in the early stages is critical. Currently, less than 20% of cases are diagnosed in the early stages, and the 5-year survival rate is 20% to 30% when diagnosed at stage III or IV, but when diagnosed in the early stages the probability of cure increases to 90% to 95%.5

A new biomarker, HE4, has shown an increased sensitivity and specificity for detection of ovarian cancer over that of CA125 alone. HE4 was also found to increase the sensitivity of CA125 for the detection of ovarian cancer in patients presenting with a pelvic mass.

The new CA125 + HE4 risk stratification tool is a new differential diagnostic for women presenting with pelvic mass to help determine the most appropriate course of care. It is designed to measure levels of the CA125 and HE4 proteins in the blood to aid in the risk stratification of women who present with pelvic mass. It may help determine the best course of care for women presenting with a pelvic mass. 

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